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How to Hold Chopsticks: 5 Steps to Use Chopsticks Properly!

First, pick up a single chopstick, sandwiching it between your thumb and your index finger, as you would a pen. This is how to hold the upper chopstick. Try to move one of the chopsticks in this state. It is able to move up and down. As for the second chopstick, rest it at the base between the thumb and the index finger, and so that it is touching the side of the ring finger.

Some points to consider:
・Point 1: You should aim to hold the chopsticks about one-third of the way down.
・Point 2: Chopsticks should be naturally supported by the ring finger and the little finger.
・Point 3: Chopsticks should fit snugly.

Once you are able to hold both chopsticks, next you can try moving them. The upper chopstick should be supported by the first joint of the middle finger. When held correctly, the tips should be touching together, while the other parts are not in contact. In this state, move the upper chopstick up and down between the middle and index fingers of the right hand. This time, try not to move the bottom chopstick. If done correctly, the tips of the chopsticks should open and close. With all that said, here's an image of the process!

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